How does coaching work?

How does coaching work?

There is the underlying model for coaching and then the process for the coaching sessions.

It is interesting in reference to coaching that a model as compared to process be defined. includes “a standard or example for imitation or comparison” in the definition. A search on process turns up “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end” in the definition.

For the purposes of coaching, a model is the standard or example of how the coaching relationship works. A process is the steps used to move the coachee forward.

Coaching Model from Center for Coaching Certification:

Imagine the coaching relationship as a staircase leading to a doorway called ‘success.’ The coachee defines success; the coach upholds the foundation of the staircase. The coach walks with the coachee up the staircase.

The Stairway to Success requires a foundation:
• Training
• Competency
• Ethics
Coachee and coach partner and move up the steps of the Staircase to Success together:Center for Coaching Certification Coaching Model
• Agreement
• Understanding
• Rapport
• Communication
• Exploration
• Strategy
Moving up the staircase achieves results defined by the coachee:
• Success

To measure success, a coach initiates a conversation at the beginning of the relationship to choose how success is defined.

In coaching, the coachee is empowered to choose their focus and explore how they will measure success.

Coaching Process from Center for Coaching Certification:

Prior to engaging in a coaching relationship, an optional introductory coaching session provides exposure to the coaching process and an idea of the benefits. This is done by giving the coachee an opportunity to explore interests and objectives.

After engaging in the coaching relationship, in the opening the big-picture is explored to provide perspective and an understanding of the priorities, values, and influencing factors.

In the second phase tools and techniques for maintaining focus and developing habits over the long-term are developed. This will support success in achieving goals now and for the long term.Center for Coaching Certification Coaching Process

By the third phase the coachee chooses their focus, deciding what they want to accomplish. This is supported with time for exploration, strategy development, and action planning. The focus may be skill development, change, strategizing, making decisions, planning, or implementation.

The coaching approach supports developing new tools, skills, and processes for individuals that are then applied across teams and organizations. Prior to the close, individuals plan on how they will maintain and build on their learning.

How does coaching work?

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