What is expected of a coach?

Whether you want to become a coach or find a coach it is important to know what is expected of a coach.  There are three main things:What is expected of a coach?

First: a coach is expected to be trained in coaching.

Unfortunately there are people who call themselves a coach before they have any training to coach.  While this has been technically legal, when you really think about it there is a reason all professionals have training for their work.  This applies to coaching too.

The International Coach Federation, ICF, is the gold standard in coaching.  The ICF has membership standards, a model with definitions of the 11 core competencies for a coach, and a Code of Ethics.  The ICF requires member coaches to have a minimum of 60 clock hours of training.

Second: a coach is expected work within the Code of Ethics.

The ICF Code of Ethics provides standards and guidelines for coaches.  All coach members of the ICF are accountable to the Code of Ethics.

Third: a coach is expected to be the supporting partner in a coaching relationship.

The coach provides coaching services only as long as it is beneficial for the client or the coachee.  The coach is a supporting partner in that the coachee or the client is the one who makes all the decisions.

What is expected of a coach?

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